About Mihiwaka….written by the Mihiwaka kids

Our Teacher in the morning is an artist ( Naomi Wadsworth) and in the afternoon we have our lovely Principal, Mrs Honeywill.

Our class is full of wonderful artists and some of us love art the best. You can  come to our class to see our great work. We have 24 fun loving children (one who is visiting from Panama) and we are creative kids too!

We are a beautiful class who love starting our day with Te Reo and use a wide variety of Maori language, like our class Karakia and mihi.

Maths is exciting, amazing and we love it. We are are very good at a lot of activities like personal goals, number knowledge, computers and adding and subtracting.  We love reading too, and do Mathletics, Study Ladder and research on the chromebooks and tablets.

We are all so kind to each other and everyone helps around the classroom. We say nice things to each other and we are very kind to people when they hurt themselves.  We also help each other with our learning.

The  cooperative games we play are fun and super.  We are very good at working together to solve them.  We play games like ‘Across the Great Divide’ and ‘Look Ma No Hands.’