Kapukataumahaka (Kapuka for short) is the name of the mighty mountain under which our classroom sits.  In English it is Mt Cargill.  We are the senior class at Waitati School so, although the other classes are also named after mountains, it is appropriate that we are named after the largest mountain.

In our class of 20 we have students from years 6-8.  We really love working together on things because we learn such a lot from each other.  Our maths and literacy groups are all based on our individual learning needs, and we enjoy challenges such as the Otago Uni Maths Challenge, Science Fair, art competitions and writing workshops. We also have a wide and varied programme which includes events like a ski camp in the winter, an outdoor education camp in the summer, trips to sporting and cultural events, kapa haka, library trips, and fun learning adventures around our commitment to being an Enviroschool.

As a senior class we have responsibilities, for example we all do road patrol, help out at playcentre and maintain the sports shed. Lots of us have younger siblings at the school, but all of us are good at looking after younger children, showing them love and understanding.

We welcome all visitors to Kapuka. We are sure you will enjoy the warmth of our whanau, the hum of activity and our ever-so-slightly quirky sense of humour.